Smashing Things at the Rage Room in Toronto

What if I told you that you can go let all your anger out for only $20? Well, surprise! You can!

The Rage Room located at Battle Sports in North Toronto is exactly what it sounds like—a room that you can rage as hard as you want in and it’s completely acceptable (and legal). Guys, this may just be the cheapest form of therapy!

Starting at $20/person, you can either bring a box of your own junk or they’ll give you a box for an added cost. Essentially they’ll give you a box of mixed dishes like old cups, plates, bottles, etc., and some electronics like old/broken speakers and stereos. You’ll go into a small room equipped with baseball bats and crowbars and have around 45 minutes to smash it to pieces.

The room is equipped with a speaker system where you can plug in your playlist of choice, and there’s free WIFI if you want to play Spotify. They’ll also film the whole experience for you that you can purchase for $10 or you can get for free if you bring your own USB.

Now you’re probably thinking, HOW IS THIS SAFE? Well, you’ll be fully suited up before you enter the room. You’ll be given a full body suit, with a vest that will go over your chest, as well as a helmet that covers your entire face, and gloves. You’re fully covered, but I have to admit, walking around broken glass in a room made me a little scared that glass was somehow going to get in, however, they assured us we were completely safe and protected!

The whole experience was a ton of fun, and also a workout! You don’t realize how hard it is to smash up some junk. It took a few swings before we got the hang of it, because obviously it feels a bit unnatural to just go wild smashing things up. However, once we got used to it we had so much fun! The time flew by and it’s crazy how much you can smash in a short amount of time (don’t worry, you can buy more buckets of junk if you need to).

I had a ton of fun at the Rage Room. It’s a great experience to do with a girl friend, a bachelor/bachelorette party, or a special occasion. Battle Sports also offers a ton of other fun activities like archery and nerf gun battles. I would definitely recommend this experience to anyone looking for something different to try out in the city!

BONUS! If you want to visit the Rage Room but don’t live in Toronto, you’re in luck! There’s actually locations around the globe.

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Disclaimer: I was invited for a complimentary visit to the Rage Room at Battle Sports. However, I only recommend things that I enjoyed, and think other travellers would also enjoy. All opinions in this piece are my own and 110% honest. 

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